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  • Evenamide (formerly NW-3509) targets new mechanisms, and represents a new approach to the management of untreated symptoms in schizophrenia
    Faravelli, R. Anand, E. Forrest
    29th ECNP Congress, 17-20 September 2016, Vienna, Austria

    Sarizotan Treatment of Apnea  in Rett Syndrome (STARS) Trial:  Overview of Study Design
    Stephen Graham, Laura Faravelli, Emma Forrest, Richard Hartman, Dennis Dionne
    Rett Syndrome Symposium 22-24 June 2016 Eaglewood Resort and Spa Illinois

    Evenamide (NW-3509), a Putative Antipsychotic, Targets Abnormal Electrical Activity and Glutamatergic Abnormalities in Improving Psychotic Symptoms in Patients with Schizophrenia in a Phase II, Placebo-Controlled Trial. 
    Laura Faravelli  , Emma Forrest , Ravi Anand
    5th Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference Florence, Italy, 2-6 April